The Ahrntal Sun Trails Invite You to Go Hiking

On easy trails along the valley: The Waldlechn Tavern and beautiful viewpoints lie right on the Sun Trail.

Hiking happiness on alpine meadows with panoramic views

At one time, they were secret smugglers’ trails; now, there’s no better hiking route along the Ahrntal on the sunny side of the Zillertal Alps. The Ahrntal Sun Trails form a wide, branching network of mountain trails, which can mostly be hiked without great difficulty and lead you to the scenic highlights of our holiday region. If you enjoy travelling at manageable altitudes with little physical effort and would like to explore our holiday region extensively, this trail network is the perfect starting point. The Waldlechn Tavern is also part of this network, which is why many day trippers reach our tavern via the Sun Trail.

The “Sunnsat” Sun Trail – always following the Ahrntal

The “Sunnsat” Sun Trail runs between Luttach and St. Peter at altitudes of around 1,000 to 1,300 metres. For example, you can get on the Sun Trail here in Steinhaus and head toward either of these two places. At every village along its course, there are descents, so you can change your program at any time or just hike a short distance. At every entrance and exit, there’s also a bus stop. The Ahrntal Sun Trails therefore form an ideal access point to the alpine landscape, which can be expanded if desired and combined with tours at higher altitudes. For families, they are an easy introduction to our fascinating world of alpine meadows and mountains.

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